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Friday, August 20th

The Slow Coast Wine Bar in Davenport

Oyster Flight Night

4:30PM - 7:30PM

Parker Presents: Bill Oysterman. Flight of 8 Oysters featuring different locations and growing styles. $25 for a flight of oysters.Taste the terroir of the ocean through a flight of oysters.

Reservations are not necessary.

The 411 on this weeks selection:

Olympia Oysters (Ostrea lurida) is a whole different breed of oyster. It is the native oyster of the west coast highly prized during the gold rush. It is the oyster that was featured in the miner favorite, “Hangtown Fry.” These oysters feature a deep minerality and wildness to the flavor. Yes, they are small and it takes about four years to reach this size (compare to 18 months or less for a miyagi, crassostrea gigas).

Pt. Reyes miyagis are also grown in a floating process but, more like a shelf rather than bag and float. Think of each shelf stacked up like a chest of drawers which then rotate with the tide. Classic Tomales Bay/ Point Reyes look and taste. High brine and a sweetness that is a little more cucumber finish.



Saturday, August 21st: Hood Chatham // 3PM- 6PM

Friday, August 27th: Jeff Oliver // 5PM-7PM


450 HWY 1 Davenport, CA 95017


Thursday - Monday // Opens 1PM & Last Call @ 7:30PM

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