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Enjoy the outdoor grilling experience with Weber Q series natural gas BBQ.


Locate the gas supply valve. It is located outside on the right hand side of the brick wall, next to the french door on the upper deck.


Turn gas supply valve off at the source by turning it into the closed position. See above.

When you are done
Keep it clean

While the grill is still hot, please don’t forget to scrub the grill so it is ready for the next use.


In case of fire, the fire extinguisher is located in the kitchen in the lower cabinet next to the refrigirator.

To light a Weber® gas grill

1. Open the lid. Make sure ALL burner control knobs are turned off, by pushing burner control knobs in and turning them clockwise until they stop.

2. Turn gas supply on at the source. Locate the gas supply valve (pictured). It is located outside on the right hand size of the brick wall. To turn the gas supply, simply turn it into horizontal position and wait a minute for the gas to travel through the gas line. 

3. Light the outside burner by pushing the large burner control knob in and turning it counterclockwise to start/high (    ) position.


4. Push and hold in the electronic igniter button. You will hear the igniter clicking. Check that the burner is lit by looking through the cooking grates. You should see a flame.


WARNING: If the burner fails to ignite within five seconds, stop, turn the burner control knob to off and wait five minutes to allow the gas to clear before you try again.


After the outside burner is lit, you can turn on the inside burner. Push in the small burner control knob and turn it to start/high (    ) position. The inside burner will then be ignited by the outside burner. 

Keeping Grill-Q in perfect shape

Drip Pan – Grease removal tray.  

TIP – Look underneath the grill to see if the drip pan is filling up with grease. When it looks halfway full or more, simply pull the pan out, throw it out, and replace it.


Clean trays are located in the kitchen cabinet, next to the refrigirator.

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