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Meet Sunset at the Hidden Beach

Updated: May 31, 2021

Meet the sunset with the glass of wine on the Hidden Beach. Take the blanket (in the closet) and plastic cups from the top shelf of the top cabinet next to the refrigerator. You are responsible for the bottle of wine : ) It’s going to get dark pretty quick on the way back, use your phone flashlight when you go back. We’ve done it, it’s fun!

Hidden Beach Park is a small hard-to-find park in a creek ravine that empties out on a sandy beach in the Rio Del Mar community in Aptos.

The park has grass lawns, a kids playground, and picnic tables. Unfortunately, there are only eight spaces in the parking lot and the street is too narrow for shoulder parking. A small overflow lot is just down the street, but that’s it parking-wise. A paved ramp leads to a wide section of beach that is between housing developments built right on the sand. Half way down the hill are two benches next to the path that look out to the Pacific Ocean. To find Hidden Beach Park from Highway 1, take the Rio Del Mar Boulevard exit and follow it west to Cliff Drive which eventually ends at the parking lot.

It’s a very nice hike down the forested area and a romantic old rail bridge.

How to get to the Hidden Beach

It’s a very nice hike down the forested area and a romantic old rail bridge.


It takes about 15 min to get down to the beach by foot and a bit longer to get back to the house as you will be walking uphill.


  • Turn right on Loyola drive

  • Continue down and make left turn on Doris Avenue

  • Continue walking downhill; Turn right on Los Altos Drive

  • Cross and turn left on Sumner Ave

  • On you right you should notice wooden stairs and a path to the forest area. Take that path!

  • Continue walking. You will cross under the old wooden railroad bridge and eventually get into small parking lot

  • Look for the road with the metal gate that leads to the kids playground Follow this road. It will lead you to the beach!

Follow Google map:

Use you phone camera to scan the code or continue to the link:


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