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Princess Willow, aka Tosha

Tosha (short from Potato in russian)  is an orange tabby cat, she was born in 2015

Tosha is a house cat, please, don’t let her wonder out of the door.

General Notes

Her favorite place to hide is under blankets on the bed. Sometime she will take cover under it.

Tosha shares the same water bawl with Cy next to the refrigerator.

You may give Tosha occasional treats from the jar “CAT” on the table with her feeding station.

Tosha, once comfortable with purr a lot.


Tosha’s feeder is programmed for 2 times a day:




No other schedule aside from meals.


Don't hesitate to text or call us:

Mike 650-888-9257

Lena 650-387-4177


Peninsula Animal Hospital

252 Crossroads boulevard

(831) 649-0415


Peninsula Animal Hospital

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