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Pool Table & Concrete Patio

The outdoor pool table is located on the concrete patio behind the house. You can find the cue sticks and balls in the orange closet near the front door tacked in the right corner. 

Once you are done playing, please use the cover to protect the table from the morning ocean moisture and bring the accessories back to the house.

Concrete Patio

Note, the concrete patio has a bit of a drop. Although the railing is not required by code, as you enjoy your time outdoors, we encourage you to be careful at the edge.

The garden work is still in progress. Excuse some mess on our front and back yards.

Patio Light

As the evening gets darker, you might want to use the overhang patio string lights.


To turn them on - ask Google:

 "Hey Google, turn on Backyard Lights"

As you are done for the night, don't forget to turn them off: - "Hey Google, turn off Backyard Lights"

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