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Hey Google!

The house is SMART. All the light fixtures can be controlled via Google Home and voice commands.


We encourage you to try it!

Useful commands to ask Google

Here are some useful commands to get you started with.


- Hey Google, turn on living room

- Hey Google, turn off living room

- Hey Google, turn on kitchen

- Hey Google, turn on deck

- Hey Google, turn on staircase

- Hey Google, turn on hallway

- Hey Google, turn off lights


- Hey Google, set the house to 72 degrees

- Hey Google, what’s the temperature in the house?


- Hey Google, play some misic

- Hey Google, what song is this

- Hey Google, stop playing

Alarms & Times

- Hey Google,, set a timer for 15 minutes

- Hey Google,, set an alarm for 7 a.m.

Hey Google, turn on [off]  ___ .

Backyard Lights

   Patio String Light

   Lower Deck Sidewalk Light

   Sidewalk Right Light


Deck Lights

   Upper Deck Left Light

   Upper Deck Right Light


Early Bird Bedroom Lights

    Early Bird Fan Light

Entryway Lights

   Front Deck Left Light

   Front Deck Right LIght

Front House Lights

   Aptos Front Left Light

   Aptos Front Right Light

Garden Lights

   Front Yard Steps Light

Hallway Lights

   Hallway Ceiling Light

   Orange Closet Light

Kitchen Lights

   Kitchen Island Light

   Sink Light

Living Room Lights

   Fan Light

   Desk Light

   Network Closet Light

   Rooster Light

   Staircase Light

Downstairs Lights

   Master Bedroom Light

   Laundry Closet Light

   Master Bathroom Light

Night Owl Bedroom Lights

   Night Owl Fairy Light

   Night Owl Fan Light

Upper Bathroom Lights

   Bathtub Light

   Guest Bathroom Light

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