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COVID - 19

We follow the enhanced cleaning guidelines provided by Airbnb. If you have any special requests, how to make you feel at ease regarding cleaning and safety, please don't hesitate to let me know.

What we do differently

After each guest, our cleaning routine is:


- Ventilate the house

- Wear protective gear

- Clean the house thoroughly

- Disinfect the /high touch/ surfaces

- Use the booking buffer *

*  Booking buffer

Our calendar is automatically blocked for 24 hours before the start of each reservation!


There are multiple First Alert Carbon Monoxide alarms installed throughout the house for your safety.



The Fire Extinguisher is located in the bottom cabinet next to the refrigerator. If there is a fire, please call 911 immediately after exiting the property. Then call Lena at 650-387-4177.


The First Aid Kit is located in the top cabinet above the refrigerator.

Immediate Emergency (Life-Threatening)

Call: 911


Hospitals with Emergency Care


In Santa Cruz:

Dominican Hospital,

1555 Soquel Drive, (831) 462-7700, 

24/7 emergency care available 


In Watsonville: 

Watsonville Community Hospital, 75 Nielson street, (831) 724-4741, 

24/7 emergency care available

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