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Blue Cypress by the Sea, aka Cy

Cypress is an Australian Shepperd, she was born January 26, 2023

Cy has MDR1 gene. It is only important in emergency situations with unfamiliar vets. Certain common dog medicines are harmful to Cy.

Grapes, chocolate and raisins are highly toxic to all dogs. If swallowed - please, take to the vet.

Check for ticks if you take Cy for a hike in the forest. 


Feeding time is at 7:30 AM & 7:30 PM. (The same time Tosha's auto feeding. )

Cy food is on the shelf in the closet next to the kitchen entry door.

We use one full jar (leveled off) each feeding.

During the day, usually after walk Cy can enjoy a bone.

Fresh one for the longer chew, and peanut butter filled ones for the quick treat. 

As a special training treat she might enjoy occasional cheese bites (top shelf in the refrigerator), or chicken bites (in the freezer)

No feeding off the table, please.

She loves apples as a mid day snack, 




Look (she will look into your eyes)


Off (useful when she searches food on he counter or dinner table)

Let’s go

This way

All the way (when crossing the road)


Get busy (to pee)

“Mesto” - means place in Russian(her little bed on the floor where she chews bones)

“Lahpah” (for a paw)

Leave it


Jump up

Jump down

Up up up (going up the stairs)


Walk & Play time

Cy is still young and get over stimulated easy.

We usually let her play at the beach for 30 min, but then take her on a street walk on a leash for additional 30 min to calm her down.

We usually use her dog food on a walk quit a lot, keeping her focus and working on heal command.


6:30AM - wakes up

7:30AM - first meal

8-9AM - morning walk

9-12/12:30 nap

12:30-1PM she will enjoy walk to downtown and back

1-4:30/5PM nap

5-6:00PM - evening walk

6:30-7:30PM active, play time, chews bones and occasionally tries to chew other things

7:30PM - 2nd meal

8-10/11PM winding down, sleep

Games Cy likes to play

Tag of war

Fetch - but not for long and needs treats

Search (let her sniff the ball, “hide it”, then tell her “search”).

I usually take her around the corner into the hallway, ask her to sit around the bathroom door and use command wait for her to stay there while I hide the ball in the leaving room. 

For this game we use special ball that we keep in a large candle container on the book shelf next to her treats.




Other Notes

Cy food is on the shelf in the closet next to the kitchen entry door.


Cy chicken snacks are in the bottom freeze drawer. I’m

Cy tries to eat Tosha’s poop. So keep the toilet door partially closed by using the extension tie

Cy may chew on things that are within her reach, such as glasses, head phones, socks etc

We use harness for walks

We use her regular kibble for treats when we learn commands, to encourage good behavior during walks, play fetch etc


Cy will go to the fireplace door and will stand in front of it if she needs to go potty.


You may give Cy occasional treats from the jar “Dog” 

Cy toys, harness and leash are in the black bin in the wooden rolled cube shelf.


Don't hesitate to text or call us:

Mike 650-888-9257

Lena 650-387-4177


Peninsula Animal Hospital

252 Crossroads boulevard

(831) 649-0415


Peninsula Animal Hospital

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